Agora Enschede Fair

Dear All,

Higher Education Days is back from the Agora Enchede and would like to share you the experiences. What we did at the Fair in addition to sharing flyers, representing the project and giving infos? We provoked AEGEE-members to share us their opinion about the Non-Formal Education. The result you can find here :) According to the comments we could seemore things, but let me highlight the one which may summarise the whole HED concept presented by a german boy: without Higher education there are no Students, without Students there is no AEGEE, without AEGEE there is no great life, without great life there is no Higher Education Days project nor Higher Education :)

We would like to say many thanks for sharing Your ideas with ut again!

“What does NFE mean to you?”

Higher Education Days Project Team provokes you to share your opinion about Non-Formal Education:

Write down a few sentences about why Non-Formal Education (NFE) is important and which value does it have for you. Inspire others to get involved in Non-Formal Education!
Write your name if you want to state who wrote it.


Send us a simple movie with your opinion, similar to those: